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The U.S. Will Registry Offers: 

Nationwide Search for a Missing Last Will


Lifetime Registration  of Last Wills


The U.S. Will Registry exists to ensure no Will is left unknown or untraced at the time it is needed.

One of the worst experiences a family can experience is not being able to find a copy of a last will or other documents needed to settle an estate.

Not being able to locate a last will, or the most recent will, leads to unnecessary legal fees, serious family disputes and often separation.  

Family members and attorneys use The U.S. Will Registry to search for missing wills and estate documents that might be lost, misplaced, or even thought to have never existed.  

Millions of Wills are registered all over the globe as a safeguard to prevent a Last Will and Testament not being located when needed.

Locating a Last Will and Testament?


  • A missing Last Will is searchable by the name, birthdate, and residing State of the individual who made the Will.
  • If you are unable to locate a will and need to perform a search in our National Database  click here.
  • Registered wills are dated as far back to 1967.


"My family knew my mother had an attorney write up her will, but no one knew the name of the attorney. It was so long ago. We are so thankful the attorney registered her will". Michelle Benson  


"Without The U.S. Will Registry, my family would have never been able to find my grandfather’s will written back in 1975".  C.L.  Kennedy


"My dad did not use an attorney to write his will.  He told us he used an online will service 8 years ago, but we could not find it anywhere in his home.  Desperate, we did a search on The U.S. Will Registry and he did register his will.  The registration told us exactly where he hid his will in the house, (Under his bed in a strong box), and it even stated who his friend was that had the duplicate copy of the will.  This information was priceless.  It saved our family from enormous stress not having to decide what his last wishes 'would' have been."  M. Strauss TN


Will Registration makes it easy for loved ones to find your Last Will & Testament

Attorneys estimate that nearly 67% of all wills are not located when necessary. Will registrations have minimized the crisis of missing wills.  When family members are not able to locate where the original copy or duplicate of a loved ones last will is, or, the attorney who created the will, a search in The U.S. Will Registry is often necessary. 

Registering a will is an essential element for estate planning to be complete.  Registration of a Will is easy, secure, remains confidential and is lifetime. A will registration is not released until an ID is provided to an attorney and, the person searching for a registration must be specifically named as having permission to access the file.  Copies of a will are not stored, only the location/attorney. Your papers remain securely in your possession. Lifetime registration is FREE!

Once you register your will, it is advised to go to to store a copy of your will in the event your family can't locate the original copy of your will.  Sidedrawer is free to the public.  Be certain to enter Sidedrawer as the location of your duplicate in your registration with The U.S. Will Registry.  


To register a will, Click Here


"I know my children will not remember where my will is in my home, or the attorney I used. They refused to discuss my passing. I told them I am registered and that is all they need to know.    M. J. Brown


"After not being able to locate either of my parent’s wills, I, and my siblings have registered our wills. Now we have peace of mind knowing our own children will not have to go through what we did.".  A.S. Manning


"I don't want my family to know where my will is. They will make it disappear since two of my children are not in it. Registering my will allows my will to stay private and found when needed. Only the children I want to have access to my registration are listed as being allowed to obtain the information."   V. Bannon


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