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How will your family find your will?



Did you know that 78% of wills are never found?  Not being able to find a will when needed causes unlimited stress, family estrangement, and potential financial loss. 

The U.S. Will Registry offers FREE registration of Last Wills to ensure that if your Will is lost, misplaced or even not known to have been written, your beneficiaries can easily find it. Lifetime Registration of your Will is easy, secure and remains confidential.

Attorneys, the public, and health officials register Last Wills with The U.S. Will Registry.  Registration of Wills written since 1979 have been registered with The U.S. Will Registry.   The U.S. Will Registry documents the location of the original and duplicate copy of your Will/Trust.  The registry does not hold any copies. 

If you are unable to locate a will and need to perform a search of registered wills in our National Database, click here to conduct a Will Registry Search

Make sure that you, and your loved ones, register your will and estate planning documents with The U.S. Will Registry. Once registered, you will receive a certificate to store that will inform your family that you are registered. This will give you, and all family members, peace of mind knowing your Last Will contents and location remains private, secure and protected as well as accessible when needed. 

If a search is performed for a missing will that matches a registration in our database, your registered information is not released until a death certificate is received, and ID is provided to our legal department.  Once verified, the information is then released to an attorney.  



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