The US Will Registry Provides the Public with a Means to Find a Missing Last Will

The U.S. Will Registry was founded in 1997 to fill an important gap to provide families and other Will beneficiaries with a means to find lost Wills and estate planning documents of those who have passed away. 

When attorneys were questioned regarding how often they were asked for help in locating a deceased loved one's will, they stated, "all the time".  Many State Bar Associations claim they receive calls daily from desperate families looking for help in locating the original or a copy of will of a deceased family member.  Prior to The U.S. Will Registry, the public and attorneys were helpless to find a missing will, or have the means to register a Will.   The public, attorneys rely on The U.S. Will Registry to register Wills, as well as search for a missing Will. 


Registering your Will is an essential part of the estate planning process.  Registration assures you and your loved ones that your will remain private and located when needed.  Your will itself is not stored, only the location is documented for the original and duplicate copy. Registering your will online protects your Last Will and other estate documents from ever being lost, destroyed or disappearing when necessary.  

One of the Directors of The U.S. Will Registry, Jerome Miller, had the personal experience of not being able to locate his father's will.  It was only after 1 year that his father's Will was first found, yet it was too late.  It was after the probate period and after all assets were already distributed.   It was not the way it was intended, according to the Will.  So it is with the personal passion that Jerome Miller is committed to reaching out to all organizations: Attorneys, Bar Associations, Alzheimer Association, Caretaker Associations, Funeral Homes and the public to be educated and include The U.S. Will Registry in all estate planning programs.


Last Will Search

The U.S. Will Registry Will Search is proven to reduce the risk of distribution an estate during probate on an assumed intestacy basis or most current will basis. There are many reasons why a Will may have been forgotten about, maliciously destroyed, or where an unknown more recent copy exists. The U.S. Will Registry provides a search process that searches for registered Wills dated back as far as 1967.

The U.S. Will Registry receives over 5200 missing will searches a month.  It is imperative that anyone who has a Will, Register it.   


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