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The U.S. Will Registry Works very simply by being a cloud storage location for Will location information. [ More... ]

If you ask an attorney where is the most ideal place to store your most valuable documents, the answer would be "there is no right place". No matter where your Will is stored, you can't be certain that your family will have a way to locate it at time of need, UNLESS it is registered. [ More... ]

How will my familly know my Will or Trust is registered?
There are a few ways for your family to know you are registered, including an Email with a Certificate, You can inform your family and You can notify your attorney. [ More... ]

When should I review or change my Will?
It is up to you to decide when to change your Will. It is suggested that you review your Will once a year to ensure that it still meets your needs, and in the event there have been any life-changing events such as [ More... ]

Why Register with The U.S. Will Registry
The U.S. Will Registry, Inc. is the only national centralized Last Will Registry exclusively for the United States. So many families agonize over not being able to locate a loved one's Last Will. Once you register, your information is secured and unable to be retrieved without the necessary legal documentation [ More... ]

Do I Need a Will or Trust?
In short, everybody needs a will or trust. Some people believe that because they only have a few assets, or because they told their children how their assets are to be divided, they don't need either. If you have kids, a home, pets or personal possession, you need a will. If you choose to leave something to a relative or a friend [ More... ]

What are the risk of not registering your will?
There are a number of risks associated with not having a registered will, including it being assumed that you don't have one. [ More... ]

About Revocable Living Trust
Many people believe that if they have a Last Will and Testament, their estate planning goals have been accomplished. If their goal is solely to express their wishes as to where their assets go when they die, then they may be right. [ More... ]

Who is entitled to see a copy of my will?
The U.S. Will Registry only registers the name of the attorney who prepared your will and the location of the Will. The U.S. Will Registry does not include a copy of your Will. In addition, The U.S. Will Registry will only release this information once a death certificate is provided. [ More... ]

Do I send a copy of my Will?
The U.S. Will Registry does not accept a copy of your Last Will. Our goal is to assure your family that upon your passing, they have a resource for locating your Will. [ More... ]

Do I need an attorney to write my will?
A will doesn't have to be prepared by an attorney to be legally effective. However, most people feel more comfortable if they consult with an attorney who can make sure their intentions are clearly stated and that they haven't missed important details. [ More... ]

Checklist for Creating a Last Will
Making it easy for those—family members, care givers, executors, and heirs—means that they will be able to do exactly as you wish. Two of the most important documents that are easily overlooked are your life insurance policy (especially policies from former employers) and any retirement plans (as well as annuities and pensions). [ More... ]

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