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Profile Page and Registration is complimentary to Attorneys
as shown below:

The U.S. Will Registry provides attorneys with a way to register the existence and location of Wills free of charge (with Promo Code), providing individuals with a way to search for their loved ones' missing Will. The registry does not contain any of the contents of the will; it is only a directory. The registry has all of the following advantages:
  1. A National database to store the location of a client's Will and assist in locating a missing will
  2. Firm registration includes a 1 Profile Page (no fee)
  3. Unlimited client registrations
  4. A "Missing Will Database" is searchable by registered attorneys ONLY.  This feature serves to connect family members who have searched The U.S. Will Registry for a missing will with the Attorney who prepared the Will.
  5. A "Find An Attorney" directory for those in need of an estate planning attorney to write/review a Will or Trust.
The U.S. Will Registry is an invaluable resource for attorneys and individuals alike.

A Value-Added Service to Offer Your Clients at No Fee to You
Will registration is an excellent opportunity to:
  1. Make sure your clients' wishes are fulfilled and
  2. Invite a deceased client's loved ones back into the office to handle updating of wills along with registration. 
  3. Opportunity to handle your clients Probate matters, if necessary.

How Attorney Will Registration Works

The U.S. Will Registry offers a comprehensive database identifying the contact information of the attorney who prepared the Will. This information is searchable by the name and birthdate of the individual who made the Will. The registry is user-friendly and easily accessible. The simple process by which the location of the Will is registered and a user locates the Will in the database is as follows:
  • Step 1 — With a release from the client, an attorney uploads a record of a Will in the database. (Again, the registry only identifies the location, it does NOT contain any of the contents of the Will.)
  • Step 2 — A loved one who is unaware of the location of a Will searches by name and birthdate of the deceased.
  • Step 3 — If a search is done for a Will and a match is found, then the person searching for the Will must provide a death certificate to the registry before any information is released. Once proof of death is verified, the name of the Attorney who prepared the Will is then provided.
  • Step 4 — If no match is found during a search, the searcher's infomation, and deceased information, are entered into our "Missing Will Database".  Only attorneys who are registered are able to search our missing will database  (through their Profile Portal) by State/County.  In this database, attorneys have exclusive access to see if any one of their clients' family members are looking for the attorney holding their loved ones Last Will.  
As an attorney, having your clients' Wills and your contact information entered in the registry will allow you to help make sure your clients’ wishes are fulfilled and may potentially increase your probate practice by insuring that the Will is found and that you are identified as the Attorney that prepared the Will.
To speak to a representative with the Attorney Division:   Call 888-388-6877  Option 2

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