Some of these tips might help in finding a missing Will.

If you have the name of the attorney who drafted the will, contact that person first. You can get the lawyer's contact Information from our Lawyer Directory.

How to find a Will

Your first step in locating a missing will of a deceased person would be to conduct a search in The U.S. Will Registry. If there is "no match found" with your search for a missing Will, the Registry will provide an email blast to all registered attorneys in the county where the deceased lived, (once a death certificate and ID are provided to the U.S. Will Registry). If an attorney confirms with us that they have the original Will or prepared the Will of the deceased person, The U.S. Will Registry will contact you with the attorneys information.

If you are not able to obtain a death certificate, or the U.S. Will Registry was not able to assist you, the following steps may help you in locating a missing Will:
  • Speak with family members or close friends of the deceased. Its possible they might know if a will exists and where or who it might be stored with.
  • Go through papers that are stored in file cabinets, tackle box and desk drawers and in the back of the closet.  Try to see if there are any business cards or letters from an attorney.
  • Contact the deceased's bank(s) and ask if they kept a safe deposit box. Most banks have easy procedures for gaining access to a safe deposit box in the event of a death.
  • You may want to check the computer and safe for the missing Will.
  • Check any address books or email programs for an attorney's name. Even if they didn’t prepare the final Will, they may referred the deceased to someone else.
  • In the event you can't find the attorney who prepared the will, call the Bar Association in the state where the original attorney practiced. The Bar may know who took over the practice, and that practice may have the files of the attorney who may have your loved ones' Will.
  • Contact the probate court in the counties where the deceased lived or worked to determine whether the Will was filed with the probate court.
Make sure your family can locate your Last or Living Will by registering with The U.S.Will Registry. Feel Free to email us for a promo code. Keep in mind, when you register your Will's, we do not accept a copy of your Will, only the location is documented so your Family can find your will when needed.

Click here to SEARCH FOR A MISSING WILL through The U.S. Will Registry.

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