There are a few ways for your family to know you are registered

Email with Certificate

Once you register, you will receive an email with a Certificate and wallet card attached for you to print for your records. We suggest that you keep that certificate in a place where your family members can easily find it in the event of your passing.

Inform your family

You should tell your family members you are registered. That will give them peace of mind that they have a secured place to resort to, without your disclosing any of the contents of the will.

Notify your attorney

If your attorney hasn't registtered your will for you, make sure they note that your will is registered.

Notify your friends

Your family will contact friends once you pass.  Letting your friends know you are registered will insure your family members are aware in the event they learn that your Will can't be located. 


What is required to obtain your registered information

Keep in mind that while your information is stored in our secured database, there are requirements that are necessary to access this information.


To perform a search in The U.S Will Registry to see if a Will is registered with The U.S. Will Registry , the inquirer must provide the following in their search:

  • First and Last Name of Deceased
  • Birthdate

To access a Registered Will that is found in the Registry, the inquirer must additionally provide: 

  • Death Certificate
  • Photo ID of person searching


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