• It could be assumed that you never had a will.
  • It could be assumed that the Will found is the most up to date will.
  • Your beneficiaries may never receive the inheritance you intended for them.
  • Your children and dependents may not be cared for and provided for as you wished.
  • Disagreements over your possessions could create tensions among survivors and tatter what were previously loving relationships.
  • An old will that was later updated may be the only one discovered and therefore assumed to reflect your final wishes.
  • Your will may be found after your estate has been distributed (after probate) and therefore not honored.
  • Your intention of leaving money to a special person or favorite charity may not be carried out.
  • As we age we forget where things are stored, especially if we relocate.  
  • Children often forget what their parents tell them regarding death because they don't want to accept their parents' loss.  
  • Too often the The U.S. Will Registry has provided the only means for a famiy to locate the attorney who wrote a will.

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