The U.S. Will Registry, Inc. will give you and your loved ones peace of mind by knowing that your wishes will be handled appropriately.  By registering your personal will with the U.S. Will Registry, you can be sure that inheritances and gifts are transmitted in a timely manner.  Registering your will can reduce and even eliminate the worries that come along when dividing an estate or meeting out a loved one’s final requests.

As the only national centralized last will registry exclusively for the United States, the U.S. Will Registry, Inc. provides an invaluable service to you and your loved ones by making the location of your will known when needed.  With criteria in place that requires documentation (death certificate and ID) your information is secure but accessible to friends, family, or an attorney.

Who Should Register a Last Will & Testament or Living Will?

It is highly recommended that you or your attorney register your last will and testament.  Relying on a verbal disclosure of your will’s location is not enough.  People tend to forget things, even these important bits of information.  So, don’t rely on just telling someone - make it a matter of certainty.

Lawyers may offer to register a will’s location on behalf of their client especially if they work closely with them.  Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes should also encourage their residents to register their wills.

What if I don’t have a will?

If you don’t currently have a will, you definitely need to pursue getting one.  The last thing you want is for your loved ones to not receive their inheritance or for your assets to be lost because no information was given as to how they should be handled. Simply click on Find an Attorney to locate an attorney in your area who specializes in writing last wills and trusts.

What happens if my will cannot be found after I have passed on?

  • Your beneficiaries may never receive their inheritance in accordance with your wishes.
  • A previous will that you never intended to be used may be discovered and deemed as your final wishes.
  • Family disputes can occur.
  • Your will may be found after your estate has been distributed, and therefore not honored.
  • Your children and dependants dependents may not be looked after in the way you have chosen.
  • It would be assumed that you never had a will.

"Where There's a Will, There's A Way, For Those Left Behind, To Find Peace of Mind!"

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